Woman gets death penalty for poisoning kids

A Thai woman was handed the death sentence after being found guilty of poisoning her two children and garnering donations by posting their sickness on social media. Nattiwan Rakkunjet, 29 years old, was charged with one count of murder with prosecutors recommending the death penalty.

Nattiwan adopted one of her two children at the age of four in 2015. But, she then proceeded to abuse the girl, named Nong Om Yim, by feeding her food that was laced with “mildly corrosive liquid.” The young girl’s gastrointestinal tract became damaged over time, causing her to eventually vomit blood.

According to the criminal court, the girl was admitted often to the hospital throughout the abuse, and succumbed to her illness on August 12, 2019. The adopted child’s biological mother, Mae Aim, implicated Nattiwan in her daughter’s death.

The woman also was found to have given poisoned food to her son starting when he was two years old. She then proceeded to post photos of her two sick children on Facebook to solicit donations. Her move was successful as she received large donations for her “ill” children.

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Nattiwan was arrested on May 18, 2020, in Bangkok’s Don Mueang area, after investigators found her to be guilty of human trafficking by using her children to solicit donations. Further charges included attempted murder, and putting fraudulent information into a computer system.

Nattiwan eventually confessed after overwhelming evidence made it clear she was caught. Normally, in Thai court cases, if a guilty person confesses, they receive a reduced sentence. But, due to confessing only after it was obvious that she was guilty, the Court did not consider her confession when handing down her sentence.

The Court also ordered her to return donations that she received in the amount of 42,000 baht. The mobile phones that she allegedly bought with the donation money were also confiscated.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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