Weather warning in Patong urges people not to go swimming

PHOTO: Weather warning against swimming on Patong Beach. (via PR Phuket)

With storms and high winds around Thailand, lifeguards at the popular Patong Beach in Phuket are warning people of the dangerous surf on the shores of the storm-blown ocean. They urge all swimmers at the beach to only use the safe swimming zones where yellow-red flags are posted and warned that swimming outside the safe areas can be very perilous due to weather.

The Thai Meteorological Department is constantly issuing weather advisories and warnings for people across Thailand, though many people disregard them feeling that national warnings likely don’t apply to the conditions in their local area. But authorities say in advisories now that the rough waters in the sea are reaching the local beaches in Phuket.

Even though the weather has not provided perfectly sunny days, tourists are still flocking to the beaches to enjoy their holidays and get some beach lounging and swimming in. The chief lifeguard of Patong Beach says that the majority of tourists he is seeing now come from India, Arabic countries, and Australia.

“They come to enjoy activities, such as going for a swim, riding a jet ski, parasailing and jogging. Some of them still come to sunbathe.”

Lifeguards are being assigned all over the beach to warn tourists about the dangers of swimming in the stormy weather that has created turbulent waters. The chief lifeguard says that people are generally cooperative, but it is still important to spread the word and alert people not to swim in the open water, especially where red flags are posted.

Similar rough waters in the seas off Ko Chang led to the death of two tourists yesterday. And in Koh Samui in April, tourists ignoring the red flag warnings on the beach led to another drowning.

Authorities warned once again that the waves in the red flag areas are exceedingly strong and if people choose to swim even during stormy weather, please move to where yellow-red flags have been posted in safer swimming areas.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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