Almost 20,000 households in central Thai province impacted by floods

Photo by The Pattaya News.

Almost 20,000 households in one province in Central Thailand were impacted by floods this morning, The Pattaya News reported. Some 17,825 households, 10 communities, and 22 sub-districts in six districts were reportedly impacted by the floods in Sing Buri province.

The floods were caused by the Chao Phraya River overflowing. Some villagers set up a temporary shelter by the roadside, while others went to live with relatives.

Some villagers were also evacuated to temporary shelters provided by provincial authorities. Some residents were forced to stay on the second floor of their flooded homes.

Sing Buri’s governor Supot Yossingkham led a team to visit the areas and provide flood victims with supplies and help. Supot called for water drainage to speed up as soon as possible.

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Floods are continuing to wreak havoc across Thailand. In another central province, Ayutthaya, hungry monkeys struggling to find food in the heavy rains have taken to invading local neighbourhoods and homes in search of a meal.

In their search for food, the monkeys are swimming through the flood waters, drifting to local homes and the living accommodations of the monks at the temple. They are scavenging the homes, tearing up trash bins and going through kitchens in search of morsels to eat.

Villagers lament that this plague of monkeys is just adding to their struggle as they are affected by the floods at least as much as the animals are.

Hopefully, the people in central Thailand’s flooded provinces will get the help they need.

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