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Phuket scores #2 in Asia’s most popular destination list – Trip Advisor survey

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Phuket scores #2 in Asia’s most popular destination list – Trip Advisor survey | The Thaiger
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PHOTO: Bangkok Cheap Hotels

Phuket has scored the second position in the list of Asia’s Top 25 Destination in a Trip Advisor survey. The survey is done across the travel website’s million of users. Bali scored the #1 position in the extensive reader survey.

Three other destinations in Thailand made the Top 25 list – Bangkok at #11, Chiang Mai at #14 and Krabi at #18. Phuket also made it into the position of #6 most popular destination in the world for 2019.It was the only Thai destination to make it onto the Trip Advisor Top 25 World Destinations list for 2019.

About Phuket, Trip Advisor said…

“Phuket offers a rainbow spectrum of spectacular holiday sights from blue lagoons and pink sunsets to orange-robed monks. Three wheeled-Tuk Tuks, taxis, buses and long tailed boats transport visitors between these marvels. Phuket’s south coast offers its most popular beaches. The north is more tranquil. Koh Phi Phi, Phang Nga Bay and Patong Beach are popular spots. Diving, snorkelling, wind surfing and sailing are just a few active options. Inland, forested hills, mountains and cliffs wait to be explored.”

Apart from the three-wheeled tuk tuks, the survey’s comments painted Phuket fairly accurately (Phuket has small Diahatsu vans for its local version of tuk tuks). It conveyed the kaleidoscope of activities now available on the island and its position as a stepping-off point for many of the offshore attractions.

For Bangkok, the survey described the capital…

“Bangkok is full of exquisitely decorated Buddhist temples – as you go from one to the next you’ll be continually blown away by the craftsmanship and elaborate details. But if you’d rather seek enlightenment in a gourmet meal, or dance the night away, you’ll also enjoy Bangkok – the restaurant and nightclub scenes here are among the best in the world.”

Also in the Top ten list of Asia’s Top 25 destinations….

3. Siem Reap, Cambodia

4. Hanoi, Vietnam

5. Tokyo, Japan

6. Kathmandu, Nepal

7. Jaipur, India

8. Hong Kong, China

9. Seoul, South Korea

10. Goa, India

Read the full Asian destination list HERE.

London, UK, Paris, France and Rome, Italy were the top three destination in the Worlds Most Popular Destinations list for 2019.

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