4 new unique airlines look to open in Thailand

PHOTO: Four new and unique airlines are aiming to launch in Thailand. (via P80, Siam Seaplane)

Thailand’s Transport Ministry revealed that four new airlines are seeking to operate in the country, according to a source who spoke to the Thai news site Thansettakij. The four companies are P80 Air, Really Cool Air, Landarch Airline and Siam Seaplane. The source added that it would take some time to obtain air service licences. The four airlines were expected to be approved to operate next year.

Obtaining an air operating license (AOL) is the first step towards acquiring an air operating certificate for carrying out normal airline services. With four new airlines in the process of acquiring licences, competition in Thailand’s airline industry could increase next year.

The new airlines feature some unique and cutting-edge options, including seaplanes, blockchain integration complete with NFTs, small hopper planes, and long-haul services.

P80 Air

P80 Air Co is owned by Prayudh Mahagitsiri, head of Thoresen Thai Agencies. They run marine transport and other logistics companies. The owner is expected to invest around 2 billion baht to launch the airline.

The new airline will provide both chartered and regular flights using Boeing 787-800 planes. It will lease four planes in its first year and plans to expand its fleet to 20 in four years. Their website lists destinations like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Da Nang in Vietnam, as well as Hong Kong and Macau.

P80 Air has made the most progress. They have already applied for an air operating licence (AOL), according to the source. The application is now being considered by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT).

Really Cool Air

Really Cool Air is owned by Patee Sarasin, the former CEO of Nok Air, who partnered with blockchain pioneers to launch a unique company. The company started in the virtual space as a game to become a long-haul airline in the real world. Their website is full of modern hip buzzwords.

“Really Cool Air is the world’s first GameFi airline project invented for players to earn, learn, play and win. Our team is equipped with enthusiastic experts from around the globe, who are keen on areas like blockchain, GameFi, ecosystem management, crypto, NFTs and more. Our ambition is to establish a brand new airline in the real world, which is governed by the crypto native citizens from our Really Cool Air GameFi.”

They are expected to apply for an AOL soon. The airline will be a full-service carrier, offering long-haul flights to Australia and Europe and embracing new technologies.


M-Landarch Co is already the authorised distributor of Cessna planes in Thailand. They will operate Landarch Airline, which will use small Cessna C208B aircraft to run a short-haul service, filling holes in Thailand’s aviation map.

The airline will fly from Hat Yai to other southern provinces. Each route will take no more than 60 minutes flight times. Initially, it will fly to Betong in Yala, Naratiwat and Surat Thani, with its goal to run three flights a day to each. They aim to offer alternatives to the bulk of flights in Thailand originating in Bangkok, Phuket, or Chiang Mai.

The idea is ambitious, but not likely to damage the bottom line of the big airlines. Each of their flights can seat a maximum of 12 people.

Siam Seaplane

Finally, Siam Seaplane Co will operate using a fleet of seaplanes to provide flight services to tourist destinations on the water. The premium airline will be offering quick and effortless transportation to waterfront resorts, beaches, and marinas.

The service claims to cater to a variety of customers, including holidaymakers, families, and groups of friends. But they aim for VIP services for high-end travellers, business executives and celebrities.

The CAAT is likely to initially approve the airline to provide taxi services instead of full route services until it is certain of its safety.

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