Popular Thai lottery ticket app to get 2 million more tickets

With the high demand for the government’s legal lottery tickets sold online, the Government Lottery Office will likely add 2 million more tickets to its digital distribution system, Pao Tang, for the draw on August 1.

The director-general of the Revenue Department, Lawaron Saengsanit, says that people are buying more tickets.

“The latest sales were faster than expected and reflect the demand for lottery tickets that are sold for 80 baht a piece.”

The demand for digital lottery tickets will be reviewed again after more tickets have been added to the system.

If the demand increases, the following draws will receive an additional 1 or 2 million tickets.

The government’s new online lottery ticket sales were added to try and prevent the street vendors from asking for premium prices or ‘special’ prices for special, so-called, lucky numbers.

As of Sunday, July 3, all 5.1 million lottery tickets supplied on the Pao Tang application for the draw on July 16 have been sold out. It was the fastest sale since they launched last month.

When the app was launched at the beginning of June, 5.1 million tickets were sold out in just 5 days.

However, for the upcoming draw on July 16, another batch of 5.1 million tickets were sold out yet again, but this time it took only 3 days.

“The number of lottery tickets given traditionally through authorised lottery merchants and those sold via mobile apps must still be in balance.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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