Six-wheeled truck accident in Hat Yai injures three workers

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Yesterday, a six-wheeled truck returning from a maintenance task had an accident due to slippery conditions caused by rainfall. The vehicle veered off its course, initially hitting the back of a van, before smashing into a roadside streetlight and toppling over. Three utility staff members were injured in the incident.

Last night, local police received a report of an accident involving a small six-wheeled vehicle from the Electricity Authority in Hat Yai. The out-of-control vehicle had hit a van transporting goods on Kanjanavanich Road, en route to Hat Yai, before colliding with a roadside streetlight. The incident occurred in the Na Noi area of Hat Yai. Emergency services, including the Kiri Noi first aid unit and the Samakkhi Foundation’s rescue team in Hat Yai, were dispatched to the scene.

Upon arrival, the teams found the electricity utility vehicle lying on its side next to the road. A streetlight had been knocked over in the incident. All three utility workers suffered injuries due to the impact. The driver and one passenger managed to escape the vehicle, but one employee was trapped inside. The rescue teams had to climb onto the vehicle from the driver’s side and break the windscreen to extract the injured worker, who had sustained an injury to his left arm, reported KhaoSod.

The van that was hit by the utility vehicle suffered damage to its rear end. The van had veered off the road before reaching a junction near Songkhla Pittayakom School. Luckily, the van driver was not seriously injured.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the utility vehicle was returning from a task of clearing fallen tree branches that had disrupted power lines in the Na Noi area of Hat Yai. At the time of the incident, it was raining, and the road was slippery, causing the vehicle to skid and hit the van ahead before flipping over, resulting in injuries to the utility workers.

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