Thai couple nabbed for 10 million baht online coffee scam

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Police have arrested a husband and wife, both notorious online swindlers, who are suspected of defrauding victims out of over 10 million baht in an online coffee business scam. They were apprehended in front of their residence in Baan Ped, Mueang Khon Kaen province, following arrest warrants from Nan Provincial Court.

Thirty year old Phanupong and 36 year old Kusuma, a married couple, had been enticing their victims to invest in their purported online coffee production and sales business, promising high returns. They claimed their products were available in department stores nationwide. Many unsuspecting investors were lured into parting with more than 3 million baht (US$ 86,692). However, the couple did not invest the funds as promised, but instead, used it for their personal expenses. When the victims enquired about their investments, the couple deflected the questions and eventually cut off all communication, reported KhaoSod.

Eventually, the group of victims reported the matter to various police units. Upon investigation, both Phanupong and Kusuma denied the allegations. However, their history revealed several similar fraud cases. Kusuma, in particular, had seven outstanding arrest warrants for fraud, mostly related to online sales of items such as face masks, cosmetics, and coffee brewing equipment, causing damages over 10 million baht (US$ 288,975). This led to victims warning others online about her fraudulent activities. Phanupong also had one outstanding warrant for a similar offence.

As a result of the arrest, Kusuma was handed over to the 2nd Division, Provincial Police Region 4, and Phanupong was transferred to Phu Phiang Police Station in Nan province to proceed with their respective cases.

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