Truck’s roof tears off in tunnel, hits motorcyclist in Chon Buri

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A high-roofed, enclosed pickup truck caused a chaotic scene yesterday when the driver attempted to pass through a tunnel, resulting in its roof being torn off and crashing into a following motorcycle, injuring the rider.

The incident occurred at approximately 10pm yesterday, May 7, at the Chak Samo tunnel in the Don Hua Lo sub-district, Mueang district, Chon Buri province. Local police from Don Hua Lo station promptly arrived at the site alongside a rescue team from the Trai Kunatham Foundation.

At the scene, police encountered a bronze Mitsubishi Triton with Bangkok registration 1ฒฌ 8595, parked inside the tunnel. Upon inspection, several one-litre bottles of kratom juice were found in the back of the vehicle, alongside a vinyl sign advertising the sale of kratom leaves.

The pickup truck’s high roof, which had visible damage and dents, had detached and landed on a blue-black Yamaha motorcycle with Bangkok registration 1ขค102, causing it to fall and sustain damage.

Following the disaster, the pickup truck driver confronted a journalist who was covering the incident, angrily demanding that no photographs be taken of the kratom juice or any news reported, before leaving the scene. The reporter attempted to gather information but the driver refused to cooperate and walked away.

Vinai, the 33 year old motorcyclist involved, recounted that he was riding behind the pickup truck without noticing any issues due to his speed. Suddenly, the truck’s roof struck the edge of the tunnel’s bridge, dislodged, and fell onto his motorcycle. Vinai sustained injuries, suspecting a broken finger and bruising to his arm from the impact, reported KhaoSod.

The police are conducting a detailed investigation involving the pickup driver and will further inspect the kratom juice found in the vehicle, which is considered illegal under Thai law. They intend to take appropriate legal action in response to the incident and any illicit substances found.

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