Tourist chaos in Phuket: van theft and crash disrupt traffic

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A foreign tourist caused a chaotic scene in Phuket by assaulting a Myanmar worker, escaping from the hospital, stealing a van, and crashing it into another van on Patong Hill, leading to severe traffic congestion.

Yesterday, law enforcement officers from Patong Police Station responded to an accident involving two vans near the Por Sue Shrine on Phra Barami Road, Patong Hill. The incident caused significant traffic disruptions, both entering and exiting the area.

The accident left two individuals injured. The first, a foreign tourist, was trapped inside a white Toyota van with the registration number นข 9963 from Songkhla. Rescue personnel from Kusoldharm Foundation had to use hydraulic cutters to extricate the tourist, who was then rushed to Patong Hospital.

The second victim, Sompong Ruangchan, sustained leg injuries and was the driver of a black Hyundai van registered in Phuket.

Tiwa Santhichatsak recounted that he had parked the white Toyota van with the registration number นข 9963 from Songkhla to buy durians at a PTT gas station on the way up Patong Hill. He left the engine running, and suddenly, a foreign man stole the van and drove towards Patong Beach. Tiwa pursued the van only to find it had collided with another van, resulting in damage to both vehicles.

The accident resulted in severe traffic congestion in both directions on Patong Hill. The police worked swiftly to alleviate the traffic and began their investigation. The foreign tourist involved in the collision was questioned and the embassy was contacted to proceed with legal action.

Chalermpong Sangdee, an MP for Phuket’s 2nd district from the Move Forward Party, provided additional context. He revealed that before the incident, the foreign tourist had become agitated and assaulted a Myanmar worker, reported KhaoSod.

The tourist was subsequently apprehended and taken to the hospital, from which he later escaped. He then stole the van and caused the accident.

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