Thai commando takes taxi driver for a ride after fare fraud fiasco

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A Thai commando police officer dragged a taxi driver to Huay Kwang Police Station in Bangkok after the driver attempted to overcharge him using a modified meter. The driver claimed he needed the money to feed stray dogs and cats.

Police Lance Corporal Phubate Rattanaphong told Channel 3 that the incident took place on the morning of June 9 during his trip from Mor Chit Bus Terminal to his home in Soi Pracha Uthit 28 in the Huay Kwang district of Bangkok.

The taxi driver, a man estimated to be between 60 and 70 years old, greeted Phubate warmly and engaged him in conversation during the ride. He told Phubate he was a retired teacher, while Phubate revealed he was an officer from the Commando Police, also known as the Special Service Division (SSD).

Halfway through the trip, Phubate noticed the fare on the meter was already 130 baht, even though he had paid only 100 baht on previous rides. Upon closer inspection, he realized the fare increased every time the driver pressed a small button on the turn signal switch.

Phubate directly confronted the driver about the fraud.

“Are you being honest with me? I am not going to ask you again. Are you cheating me?”

The driver responded that his car was larger than other taxis, so the fare was higher. The police officer was not convinced by this claim and informed the driver that the taxi fare depended on the distance, not the size of the car.

The driver eventually confessed to using a modified system to control the meter. He claimed he had only done this a few times before because he wanted to earn extra money to buy food for stray cats and dogs.

Phubate didn’t sympathise with him, deeming his claim unreasonable. He suspected the driver had been overcharging many passengers before, so he instructed the driver to drive to Huay Kwang Police Station instead of his intended destination.

The driver pleaded with the police officer for forgiveness and promised never to overcharge passengers again but Phubate remained unconvinced.

Officers at Huay Kwang Police Station charged the taxi driver with attempted fraud. The penalty was a fine, the amount of which has not been disclosed. The taxi will be handed over to the Land Transport Department for an investigation into the modified meter and possible additional charges.


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