Man dies in high-speed motorcycle crash on Phuket road

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A tragic motorcycle accident claimed the life of a 33 year old man in Phuket early this morning after he lost control of his vehicle and crashed. Police and emergency services rushed to the scene, where they discovered the victim had suffered fatal head injuries.

Before dawn today, a sharp curve on a road in Phuket turned into the scene of a fatal accident when a motorcyclist, identified as Sutthisak (last name withheld), crashed his Honda Wave I motorcycle. The incident occurred around 5am near Wat Khatu in the Khatu district of Phuket province.

Upon their arrival at the site, police and rescue volunteers found Sutthisak’s lifeless body lying in the middle of the road, with a severely fractured skull and profuse bleeding. The motorcycle was found approximately 50 metres away, lying on its side with significant damage. Early findings suggest that the rider was travelling at high speed and failed to navigate the curve, leading to the devastating crash, reported KhaoSod.

Authorities believe that Sutthisak was riding from the Si Ko intersection towards the Khatu municipality when he approached the curve in front of Wat Khatu at high speed. He lost control of his motorcycle, veered off the road, and collided with the central reservation, resulting in his ejection onto the footpath and subsequent fatal injuries.

Following the accident, police transported Sutthisak’s body to Vachira Phuket Hospital for an autopsy to determine the precise cause of death. The motorcycle was taken to Khatu Police Station, where it will be kept until relatives can retrieve it. The family has been informed of the tragic loss, and arrangements are being made for the religious rites.

In related news, a fatal accident occurred in the Bang Khen district when a high-speed motorcyclist lost control and crashed into a steel barrier. The 28 year old motorcyclist, identified as Subhasin, an army officer, was found dead at the scene. The accident took place on Thepharak Road, heading towards the Big C intersection.

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