High-speed pickup collides with trailer in Khon Kaen, killing two instantly

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A high-speed pickup truck collided with a trailer truck attempting a U-turn, killing two people instantly. The pickup driver, an employee delivering goods, and an unidentified passenger died at the scene. The incident occurred at 3am yesterday, near the Makro shopping centre, Chum Phae district, Khon Kaen province.

At the accident scene, in the middle of the road at a U-turn point, authorities found a 22-wheel Isuzu trailer truck, registered under licence 70-1629 from Lopburi. The truck was parked, apparently, mid-U-turn across the road. There were signs of impact beneath the middle of the truck, where the pickup had crashed through to the other side.

The other vehicle involved was a Chevrolet pickup truck, registered under licence 1 ฒพ 8996 from Bangkok. It was found crushed against a road sign in the middle of the road, heavily damaged on the top, bonnet and cab sections. Officers and rescue workers extricated Aphirom and another passenger from the wreckage.

Meanwhile, the 29 year old trailer truck driver, named Thongchai, was waiting at the scene for the officers. He said he was about to turn the vehicle around to deliver goods to the nearby Makro shopping centre when the pickup came speeding straight towards him and crashed violently, resulting in the fatalities, reported KhaoSod.

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Initial police reports have not filed any charges yet. Investigations into the incident are being expedited to gather eyewitness accounts and evidence to establish the true cause of the accident and proceed with legal proceedings.

In May, a driver sustained significant injuries, while 11 passengers sustained minor injuries after a minivan crashed into a trailer truck in Pabon.

Pabon Police were notified of the accident earlier this week on Songkhla Road in Trang. Emergency responders arrived at the scene to discover the damaged minivan on the road, behind the trailer truck. To read more click HERE.

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