Drunk driving incident leads to major car pileup in Pattaya

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Early this morning, a serious car pileup occurred on Jomtien Beach Road in Pattaya, instigated by a Thai woman who, according to police, appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. The chaotic scene unfolded in front of Soi 8 around 2.30am today, with seven cars severely damaged and blocking traffic. The emergency services and local police were promptly dispatched to manage the situation.

The woman at the centre of the incident was the 43 year old driver of a Toyota Vios sedan with Bangkok registration plates. The police identified her as Surapha, withholding her last name due to ongoing inquiries.

Observations made at the scene revealed that Surapha had sustained visible head injuries and seemed to be intoxicated. She was not alone in the car; she was accompanied by an unidentified foreign man believed to be her boyfriend. Cooperation from Surapha was limited, as she consistently yelled at police officers, rescue workers, and members of the press while denying any allegations of drunkenness.

Efforts were quickly made by the Pattaya police to remove the damaged vehicles and clear the road. The pileup involved two pickup trucks and five sedans, all varying in the extent of damage. Despite the severity of the accident, no other injuries were reported apart from those of Surapha, reported The Pattaya News.

Natchai Phudech, a 28 year old pickup truck owner involved in the incident, shared his experience of the collision. Phudech and his friend were sitting in the back of his truck when Surapha’s sedan, allegedly speeding, crashed into them from behind. They were fortunate to escape unscathed before Surapha’s sedan proceeded to cause further collisions with a domino-like effect.

Following the incident, Surapha was taken to the Dongtan Police Station, where she was subjected to an alcohol breath test. The results were striking, revealing a blood alcohol content of 189 milligrams, far surpassing the legal limit of 50 milligrams per deciliter.

The police are now preparing to take legal action, with charges expected to be filed against Surapha. She has declined to provide a statement to the Thai media.

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