Devastating Rayong motorbike accident takes young boy’s life

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A 12 year old boy’s life was cut short when his motorbike collided with a pickup truck in a violent road accident. The heart-wrenching scene transpired in the Rayong province at around 1.10am this morning, shocking the serene local township of Ban Chang.

Upon arrival, police officials observed a horrific sight on Ban Chang-Phala Road. The lifeless body of the boy clad in a navy-blue shirt lay in a pool of blood, his form distorted, torso twisted, a single shoe left behind at the scene.

Nearby, the boy’s completely wrecked motorcycle with a Rayong license plate was crushed almost beyond recognition. The force of the impact had driven parts of his vehicle into a bronze-coloured Bangkok-registered Toyota Vigo pickup truck.

Present at the scene looking visibly rattled and teary-eyed was 50 year old Mongkol, the owner of the pickup truck. He relayed that he, along with his family of three, had been on a fishing trip at Phala Beach. They were just returning home to Huai Mahat when the boy’s motorbike swerved into his lane and hit his vehicle.

In a tormented state of grief, the young boy’s sister identified his motorcycle registration at the scene. Unable to contain her emotions, she wept inconsolably, the bystanders consoling and comforting her. Upon breaking the tragic news to her parents, she unveiled that her deceased brother was visually impaired.

The boy’s grieving mother sobbed on reaching the location and seeing the horrifying sight.

“I always told him not to go out late at night. He used to sneak out to play and never listened. I locked the door twice while going to bed; don’t know when he slipped out.”

With grief apparent in her tear-stricken face, the sight of her son being covered by a blanket from the emergency personnel led her to ask questions out loud.

“Did it hurt a lot, son?”

Eye-witness Somai, a 58 year old scrap collector, recounted the tragic incident. While he was cycling towards Phala Beach, the victim’s noisy two-wheeler passed him. Suddenly, he heard a loud bang as the boy’s motorbike hit the deadly collision.

A 29 year old witness recounted picking up the pieces right after the crash and awaiting the arrival of the police. A friend of the deceased, upon stumbling across the shocking road accident scene, recognised his mate’s bike registration and was inconsolable.

The police gathered the evidence and witness statements about the tragic incident, signalling a thorough investigation, followed by appropriate legal proceedings.

The 12 year old’s death was mere hours after another young boy, this one 14 years old, died after being thrown from his motorbike in a crash off a bridge and into the river below.

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