Nightclub shooting: Man accidentally fires gun into his own leg

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Most nightclub shootings involve some sort of fight or commotion with a melee of people, but not always. A sudden gunshot incident in a popular nightclub in Hat Yai left a man nursing a self-inflicted leg injury, causing considerable alarm among the hundreds of patrons.

The nightclub had to cease operations today for immediate investigation. Hat Yai Police were notified of the report of gunshot noise within the premises, resulting in one injury. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the incident wasn’t a case of shooting, but an accidental gun discharge by a nightclub patron.

The injured party was 31 year old Nirun who suffered a bullet wound to his left leg. Hat Yai’s Mittraphap Samakkhi Foundation’s rescue unit provided first aid and transported him to Hat Yai Hospital.

According to the onsite witnesses, there were hundreds of male and female patrons in the nightclub at the time of the incident. The shooting caused panic as a stream of people fled the nightclub in fear.

The normal club services were immediately stopped for safety reasons and also to allow the police to clear the area. Nirun’s 9mm pistol along with a packed magazine was confiscated. The initial probe revealed that the gun was legally registered.

The group of party-goers Nirun was out with had made an online reservation for a table. Their pack consisted of about 30 people, and four men and three women were standing at the table where the gun went off. Nirun was dancing in the nightclub when the pistol, hidden in his trousers, accidentally discharged, shooting himself in the leg.

The commotion among the crowd after the shooting led to the immediate halt of music and bar service in the nightclub. Emergency service personnel promptly arrived to help Nirun. The police are rigorously investigating the matter to understand how Nirun managed to sneak a gun into the nightclub despite the shooting only being a gun misfire.

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