NCPO chief terminates around 100 orders today

PHOTO: มติชน

The chief of the NCPO will issue his last command that terminates around 100 coup orders.

Deputy PM Wissanu Krea-ngam was commenting today on a meeting with chief coalition whip Wirat Rattanset who spoke to him yesterday about the annulment of orders issued by the NCPO between May 2014 and March this year when Thailand held the general election.

Wissanu said Wirat informed him that several motions were about to be put on the House agenda in relation to the request for the cancellation of coup orders. The deputy PM says he explained to Wirat that the government would be ready to provide explanations to the House regarding the coup orders.

He informed Wirat that the NCPO chief would today issue a final order to terminate some 100 coup orders that were no longer needed, such as those pertaining to the media and the martial court.

He said some orders did not have to be cancelled as they have ‘sunset-clauses’ and will automatically lapse on expiry. After the last order is issued to terminate the coup orders, only a few will remain, according to Wissanu.

He added that the government agencies concerned felt these remaining orders needed to be kept in place because they were issued to improve outdated laws. Wissanu said the House would simply have to consider whether to change their status from coup order to acts or whether to terminate them.

Wirat also asked Wissanu about the coup orders that saw many local administration officials suspended from duty.

Wisssanu said he explained to Wirat that some of the suspended officials have not been reinstated to their posts because they are still facing probes by either the National Anti-Corruption Commission or the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission. Once cleared of corruption charges, the PM can issue orders to reintegrate them if recommended by Parliament.


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