Jewish independent to challenge Keir Starmer in UK election (video)

Picture of Keir Starmer on a pro-Palestine platform in 2015 courtesy of Yunus Belsi

Sir Keir Starmer yesterday declared the July 4 General Election announcement by United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was the “moment the country” had been waiting for. While the opposition leader believes it’s a foregone conclusion that the Labour Party will triumph, this may not necessarily be the case.

Andrew Feinstein, a former Member of the National Assembly of South Africa, announced plans to stand as an independent against Starmer in his Holborn & St Pancras constituency.

Feinstein declared on Twitter that it is time for “a new politics, where leaders are held accountable to the values of the people who they claim to represent.”

The 60 year old politician, activist, author and filmmaker, was born in Cape Town, South Africa, to Viennese Holocaust survivor Erika Feinstein (nee Hemmer) and Ralph Josef Feinstein. Feinstein expressed his dismay and disillusionment regarding Starmer’s ongoing support for the funding of apartheid Israel’s genocide and numerous unfulfilled promises.

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“He has shown himself to be not only a politician of questionable moral fibre but one who is not concerned with the real needs of the people of his constituency.”

Starmer ascended to leadership within the Labour Party buoyed by the momentum of the party’s 2019 manifesto, crafted under the guidance of former leader Jeremy Corbyn and his chancellor, John McDonnell. However, within a year, he reneged on all those commitments and undertakings.

Starmer then went on to strip Corbyn, his purported erstwhile ally and superior, of the party whip, levelling accusations of antisemitism which many considered unjustified. Corbyn, a lifelong advocate against racism and a supporter of the Palestinian cause, alongside Diane Abbott, both former Labour Party members, are now contesting elections as independents in their respective constituencies.

Jewish independent to challenge Keir Starmer in UK election (video) | News by Thaiger
Andrew Feinstein (right) alongside Jeremy Corbyn (left) and Laura Alvarez

The 61 year old Starmer has not only suspended or sacked more Jewish people than any other Labour leader in the party’s history but his perpetual contradictions and constant U-turns have left many wondering whether to believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

The former human rights lawyer used to stand on a platform standing for the rights of the Palestinian people. Now, Starmer says he is a “Zionist without qualification.” Furthermore, following the attacks on Israel by Hamas on October 7, he also supported and defended Israel for cutting off Gaza’s water, electricity and gas supply, which contravenes international law. He said it was “Israel’s right” to do so.

It’s not just his foreign policy that has caused disillusionment among party members but also his domestic policies, which some perceive to be indistinguishable from the austerity measures of the Conservative government. There are concerns that the privatisation of the National Health Service (NHS) could be prioritised if Labour were to come into power.

Starmer further estranged a significant portion of the Labour Party by veering it away from its traditional left-of-centre stance towards a more centrist position, asserting that the party is now inclusive of Conservative ideologies. He garnered controversy by commending the divisive former Tory leader Margaret Thatcher and by embracing high-profile defectors from the Conservative Party, including Dan Poulter, Natalie Elphicke, and Christopher Wakeford.

Jewish independent to challenge Keir Starmer in UK election (video) | News by Thaiger
Starmer with Peter Mandelson

Award-winning Filmmaker Ken Loach believes Starmer has become a “tool of the establishment.”

The two-time Palme d’Or winner said Starmer deliberately sabotaged Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party and operated like an “undercover spy cop” in his shadow cabinet.

Andrew Murray, political adviser to Corbyn when he was Labour leader, is scathing of Starmer’s role in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet. He accuses him of sabotaging Corbyn’s Brexit policy and of telling lies in the way he in effect kicked Corbyn out of the party after he ceased to be leader.

“I really believe he is as dishonest as Boris Johnson is, albeit in a less flamboyant fashion. I think Starmer will simply be seen as someone who did the establishment’s bidding He is above all a servant of the state.”

Feinstein added that Starmer’s politics are mendacious, and unprincipled and serve his billionaire donors rather than his constituents. Only time will tell if this turns out to be true.

Meanwhile, if you want to volunteer, donate or find out more about Feinstein’s campaign, visit #andrewfeinstein4HSP #unseatstarmer

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