5 subcommittees set up to examine casino complex proposal

FILE PHOTO: Opening a casino complex will be studied by 5 subcommittees.

5 subcommittees have been established to tackle the proposal to legalise building a casino entertainment complex as part of the House’s committee on the subject. A Palang Pracharath Party spokeswoman for the committee said each subcommittee will focus on different aspects of pushing the legislation forward.

The proposal to legalise gambling and allow the government to collect tax revenue has created controversy with a recent poll indicating that the majority of Thai people do not support the legalisation of casinos and gambling in Thailand.

The 5 subcommittees will examine the following aspect of the casino plan:

  1. The collection of revenue and tax, as well as the related laws regarding casinos and gambling
  2. Seek out potential locations for creating an entertainment complex, evaluating the conditions and criteria necessary for the project.
  3. Consider the format of the complex as well as analyse investors and investment plans.
  4. Study and consider the gaming industry as a whole.
  5. Preemptively examine and possible negative impacts legalising the casino and building the complex might have.

The Parliament President will endorse member candidates proposed for each of the subcommittees once they are picked because House committees are normally only permitted to create 3 break-off groups. The government is not just picking insiders to participate – they are encouraging students, organisations, and anyone in the general public with an interest in the casino complex to take part and serve as advisors to each of the 5 subcommittees.

A panel of 24 advisors were named yesterday and include several powerful politicians like former Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Thamanat Prompow after Parliament voted last week 310 to 9 in favour of setting up the casino complex proposal committee. The main casino committee has 15 cabinet representatives and 45 members from other political parties and plans to complete a 90-day study on the project with the help of these subcommittees.

While many oppose gambling being legalised in Thailand, online gambling has become a huge problem as well as a huge potential legal revenue stream the government is missing out on. Government officials say gambling laws need to be updated anyway to control the illegal betting already going on.

In order to make the casino complex more enticing, officials vowed to use a portion of government revenue from the casino to pay off debt for students and teachers as well as farmers. They also say they somehow plan on limiting entrance to the casino only to guests who are at least 20 years old and have good income-earning jobs.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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