Crazy Russian bites off British woman’s finger in Ko Pha Ngan bean bag row

A leisurely stroll on a Thai beach with two friends and a dog bizarrely evolved into a scene from a horror movie after a crazy Russian woman went berserk, chomped on a British woman’s finger and spat it out.

The British woman was walking her dog with a German friend on a beach on Ko Pha Ngan Island when they spotted an unoccupied bean bag chair next to a couple of tourists. They decided to take a break, enjoy a drink, and lie down for a bit.

But a Russian woman, identified as Vavara G, wasn’t happy about the arrangement and an argument broke out with the British woman, Angelina H.

A Koh Raham beach club waiter intervened and allowed the 42 year old British woman to take the bean bag with her German friend, Monika Sozanska.

The couple thought that was the end of the matter but the angry 32 year old Russian had other ideas and attacked Angelina.

Sozanska, a former German fencer at the 2012 London Olympics, told the German newspaper Bild, that the Russian went nuts grabbed Angelina’s hand and bit the tip of her middle finger off.


The 39 year old said…

“It was 1.30pm on Saturday when we and Angelina’s dog were looking for a spot at the Koh Raham beach club to enjoy a fresh coconut.

“Then we noticed a vacant beanbag next to a young couple.

“After the waiter intervened Vavara G then ran at Angelina and attacked both her and her dog before she fought back.

“Angelina hit her in the forehead. The woman disappeared briefly, only to come back angrier.

“She grabbed Angelina’s hand and bit it. Then she spat out the bitten phalanx and smiled. The blood just splattered. It was like something out of a horror movie.”

Sozanska managed to find the fingertip in the sand and console her friend, who was in a state of shock. Meanwhile, Vavara and her unnamed partner tried to flee but were quickly apprehended by nearby police officers.

Vavara only had a photo of her passport, so the police instructed her to bring her real documents from her hotel to the station. The couple had other ideas though and fled to Malaysia by plane. Angelina was taken to a hospital in Koh Samui but was eventually flown to Britain for reattachment surgery.

Monika added…

“The doctors are now trying to save the finger and avoid amputation using a special procedure called wrapping.”

Crazy Russian bites off British woman's finger in Ko Pha Ngan bean bag row | News by Thaiger
Pictures courtesy of Daily Mail

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