Thailand’s skilled workers to get minimum wage hike

Thailand’s Cabinet approved a wage hike for skilled workers in the country. The hike will range from 465 to 700 baht a day for 17 occupations spanning three sectors.

According to the Bangkok Post, the Labour Ministry made the proposal which is intended to suit the capabilities of workers in fields that are in high demand. The hope is to end labour shortages while encouraging such workers to improve their skills.

The three sectors and 17 occupations that will see an increase include:


  1. Backhoe operators (585 baht per day)

2. Farm tractor repairmen (465-620 baht per day)

3. Excavator operators (570 baht per day)

4. Towing tractor operators (555 baht per day)

5. Loading machine operators (520 baht per day)


6. Hydrotherapists (500-600 baht per day)

7. Aromatherapists (500-600 baht per day)

8. Nutrition therapists (500-600 baht per day)

9. Bartenders (475-600 baht per day)

10. Technicians for equipment to assist people with disabilities (520-600 baht per day)

11. Childcare nurses (530 baht per day)


12. Pump valve technicians (515 baht per day)

13. Structural steel technicians (500 baht per day)

14. Powertrain system technicians (495 baht per day)

15. MIG and MAG welding operators (520 baht per day)

16. Fitters (500 baht per day)

17. Techatronic and industrial robot technicians (545-715 baht per day)

The hike in wages will take effect 90 days after being published in the Royal Gazette. Workers are required to apply for and pass a standard test to get a letter of certification from the Department of Skills Development to be entitled to increased wages.

Employers will be required to adjust their wages accordingly once receiving the letter of certification. Those employers who fail to comply are liable to a prison term of up to six months and/or a fine of up to 100,000 baht.

The Thai Cabinet agreed to increase the minimum wage last year by 5%. It was the first wage hike in two years. Last year’s wage hike saw the highest rate per day to be 354 baht. This year’s wage hike will surely be met with open arms as it is significantly more.

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Ann Carter

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