Thailand’s official year-end population lower than in 2021, females outnumber males again

Thailand’s official year-end population has been recorded at 66,090,475 as of December 31, 2022, with females outnumbering males again. According to Thai PBS World, the latest census data was provided by the Central Domicile Registration Office. The population consists of 65,106,481 Thai nationals with 983,994 waiting to receive Thai citizenship.

Of the recorded number of Thai nationals, 31,755,032 are males and 33,351,449 are females. Of the 983,994 waiting for citizenship, 515,583 are males and 468,411 are females.

Bangkok’s population was recorded at 5,494,936. In 2021, Thailand’s official population was 66,171, 439. That number consisted of 65,197,783 Thai nationals and 973,656 non-Thais.

The difference between the population amounts in 2021 and 2022 is 80,964 with the population shrinking by that amount in 2022. Falling in line with recent history, females are outnumbering males in Thailand at the end of 2022 by 1,596,417.

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In November 2022, the US lauded Thailand’s family planning initiatives with Sathit Pitutecha, the deputy minister to the Ministry of Public Health, commenting on the success of its birth control policies, only to say that the country now needs to focus on increasing its population size.

“Thailand has now shifted its focus to increasing its population size, which is starting to decline as a result of previous policies on birth control over the past four decades. The average number of babies born each year has dropped to less than 600,000 per year right now, compared to about one million a year between 1964-1983.”


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