Bangkok air pollution to persist

Residents should be ready to choke on Monday and Tuesday

Most of the capital will be coughing and spluttering on Monday and Tuesday under a dense grey blanket of filthy Bangkok air.

The air will be filled with dust on Monday and Tuesday due to the lack of breeze and airflow. The city Environment Department said Saturday that the lack of breeze in Bangkok eventually traps the pollution in the city.

Bangkok’s air pollution will be worst downtown and in the northern and southern zones of Thon Buri to the west of the city.

Bangkok residents should pay close attention to the air quality in their vicinity and protect themselves.

PM2.5 is dust smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter and hazardous to those with lung and respiratory problems.

According to the World Health Organisation, the annual average level of PM2.5 should not exceed 5 micrograms per cubic metre of air. Bangkok’s reading on Saturday was close to 25.

Bangkok’s air pollution is expected to improve in from January 18, with stronger northeasterly winds.

The Thai Meteorological Department said on Saturday that light breezes in Bangkok over the next few days are not good for the city’s air pollution problem, as they will raise the dust and create a cloud of smog.

The capital’s air quality is invariably appalling at this time of year, due to still air and is expected to remain unsafe into next week.

PM2.5 levels can be found on the websites and, as well as the Facebook pages of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the Environment Department, and Air Quality and Noise Management Division, or the AirBKK smartphone application.

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