How to choose the perfect place for your retirement in 2023

If you’ve saved diligently for retirement, chances are you’ve given a little thought to where you might want to retire. While many people prefer to stay in their hometown and enjoy its familiar comforts, the temptation to try something different once you are retired is strong.

Retiring to somewhere new can be a great experience. You will, most likely, have fewer responsibilities and ties, and if you’ve saved carefully you’ll have a decent nest egg. Retiring abroad can be a great way of making your money go further, and enjoying a higher quality of life.

People also often consider retiring somewhere where the climate is favorable, with year-round sun and interesting things to do. Whatever your ideal retirement scenario is, it is worth thinking carefully about where you want to spend your golden years, and what your dream destination is. Here are three of the best places to retire in 2023.


You might have already discovered the joys of Florida’s most famous and exciting city on a relaxing Miami cruise. If so, you’ll be well aware of its charms.

Miami is a vibrant and exciting place to live, and it offers an excellent quality of life. With excellent healthcare, low taxes, and endless activities to keep you busy, it is no wonder it is one of the most popular places to retire in the US. From the pristine beaches and fantastic nightlife to the world-class museums and cultural events, you won’t be short of things to do in Miami.

The cost of living in Miami is higher than the national average but lower than the average in California, so if you are looking for a warm, sunny destination it is a great choice. You’ll also benefit from Miami’s proximity to other destinations like the Caribbean and Mexico, making it a breeze to head off on vacations whenever the mood takes you!


Going further afield, Thailand makes a strong case to be one of the most appealing and exotic retirement destinations in the world. The nation is renowned for its hospitality, culture, and stunningly beautiful scenery. It is also very affordable, with low costs of living and a very favorable exchange rate.

For entertainment, Thailand has something for everyone. From its vibrant cities and historic sites to its picture-perfect beaches, there is something here to satisfy the explorer in everyone. One of the main attractions of retiring to Thailand is the ability to enjoy a higher quality of life that would not be possible in the US or Europe for the same amount of money.

It might be hard to choose the best place to retire in Thailand, and it really depends on your personal tastes. Bangkok is great if you are looking for a big city, Chiang Mai offers something a little more traditional and relaxed, while beach lovers will be tempted to go south and discover Koh Phi Phi or Phuket.


Panama is a great choice for US retirees, thanks to the Panama retirement visa which makes it incredibly simple to relocate and retire there. The country has been continuously growing over the past few years and is one of the most popular destinations in Latin America.

Panama has something to offer everyone. From cosmopolitan adventures in Panama City to explore the mountains and rainforests across the country, there’s plenty to keep you busy and entertained. And, with an affordable cost of living your retirement nest egg should go a long way.

Finally, Panama is a very safe and secure destination to retire to. The security system is robust, there is a good healthcare system and the infrastructure is modern. Combine all of this with great cuisine, friendly people, and loads to do, and you have an excellent choice.

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