Vote wisely: PM Chan-o-cha’s election appeal

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, the United Thai Nation (UTN) Party’s candidate for prime minister, has called on voters to think carefully before casting their ballots, cautioning that electing the wrong politicians could have disastrous consequences for the country.

As part of his election campaign, Prime Minister Chan-o-cha visited Tha Pla district to drum up support for the UTN candidates running for three constituency seats in the northern province. Thousands of residents turned out to greet him.

The three UTN candidates vying for the constituency seats are Pimnattha Jiraphuttiphak, who is contesting the 1st Constituency seat; Rosarin Sarankate, seeking the 2nd Constituency seat, and Saranwut Sarankate, who is pursuing the 3rd Constituency seat.

Addressing the gathered crowd, General Chan-o-cha said: “We are fast approaching the election, and I would like to encourage everyone to think carefully before casting their ballots, as a single misstep could steer the country in the wrong direction.”

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Prime Minister Chan-o-cha urged the people of Uttaradit to rally behind the UTN by voting for the party’s three candidates. He argued that this will give the UTN a majority of seats in the House in the May 14 election, which would, in turn, enable it to form the next government and continue with the projects launched by the current administration.

He outlined the various initiatives implemented by the government, including a series of road construction projects in Uttaradit. According to General Chan-o-cha, if the UTN forms a new government, a raft of road expansion projects will also be in the pipeline.

“As we progress into a new global era, we must broaden our horizons beyond our own country and consider the events occurring around the world. The fact that we can convene here today is a testament to the effective management of the Covid-19 situation, which has allowed us to return to normality. A government leader must be a crisis leader,” stated Prime Minister Chan-o-cha.

National security is another top priority for the UTN, and Prime Minister Chan-o-cha emphasised the need for military personnel in charge of security matters to receive moral support from the populace. During the campaign event, he also accepted letters of complaint from local residents, who implored him to address a range of issues.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has called on the people of Uttaradit to back the United Thai Nation (UTN) Party in the upcoming election by voting for its three constituency candidates. Acknowledging the importance of national security and the need for quality leadership, he argued that a victory for the UTN would allow the next government to continue with the current administration’s projects and help guide the country in the right direction.

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