Federation of Thai Industries wants gov to scrap Test & Go, stop fuel price crisis

The Federation of Thai Industries has called on Thailand’s government to scrap the Test & Go scheme, and stop the ongoing fuel price crisis. On Thursday, the president of the federation suggested easing Test & Go to support tourism and a recovery for the Thai economy.

The FTI suggested that Thailand only require fully vaccinated travellers to show proof of vaccination upon entry. It said the government should use a tracking system to monitor tourists in a way that doesn’t burden them, such as immigration using their passport system.

The president also urged the government to take action to stop the escalating fuel price crisis. In a survey, the FTI found that 75.2% of manufacturers were concerned about fuel costs. Workers in a range of industries from boat tourism to land transport have been angered and scared by the impact of rising fuel prices on their livelihoods. The CEO of a speedboat tour company in Phuket said this week that even though fuel prices are skyrocketing, she can’t raise tour prices or else tourists will stop paying for her services.

Lastly, the FTI raised the issue of high production costs and ingredients for businesses. The president stated that the government should maintain the price of Automatic Tariff Adjustment Mechanism to costs from increasing in industrials sectors.

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SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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Tara Abhasakun

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