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Naked man causes mayhem in Ratchaburi shop

PHOTO: A naked man was arrested in Ratchaburi shop wreaking havoc and speaking Arabic. (via Police TV)

A young man’s bizarre behaviour caused chaos at a convenience store in Ratchaburi on February 17. The man stripped naked and broke into the store, terrifying the customers and staff inside. He began destroying objects and making strange noises, mumbling words in Arabic.

The incident began when the naked man started smashing the glass of the store’s door around 11pm. After being kicked out by the store staff, he returned minutes later, entering the store and throwing the products on the shelves to the floor, causing chaos inside the store. The staff was forced to call the police to handle the situation.

Muang Ratchaburi Police Station received a report of a man who looked like he was under the influence of drugs, breaking into a convenience store in the Don Tako Subdistrict, Mueang District. Upon arrival, the officers found a naked man who had entered the flower shop across the street.

When the crazed naked man saw the police, he began destroying the belongings inside the store and tried to run away. The officers attempted to detain him, but he tried to walk away, leading the reporters and police officers to capture him and handcuff his hands behind his back.

The naked man was finally handcuffed on the scene and backup was called. While waiting for the staff of the Prachanukul Ratchaburi Foundation to arrive, the perpetrator appeared to be hallucinating, cross-eyed, and speaking Arabic.

The foundation staff finally arrived, helping to corral the naked man into the car to the police station. The man was drug tested and relatives were contacted, but test results have not yet been released.

The Facebook page Police TV by UCI Media reported that the man had previously been seen causing disturbances in other stores across the street.

In recent months, naked people behaving strangely have been plaguing Thailand. In Samui, a Russian man with an erection wandered around naked, while a nude British man said he wanted to bring everyone to meet with god. In Phetchabun, a Thai tourist was featured in a viral video riding a motorcycle naked on a public road.

Naked man causes mayhem in Ratchaburi shop | News by Thaiger

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