Police search for naked tourist riding a motorcycle in public

Photo via ข่าวท้องถิ่นเพชรบูรณ์

Police officers in the north-central province of Phetchabun are searching for a Thai tourist who was featured on a viral video riding a motorcycle naked on a public road.

Local News Phetchabun (ข่าวท้องถิ่นเพชรบูรณ์) posted a video of two male tourists on a motorcycle last night. The male rider wore clothes but his passenger was naked aside from a helmet and face mask.

The incident took place at a popular tourist destination in Phetchabun called Phu Thap Buek.

In the video, the man recording the video asked…

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“Where are you going, bro? No plants, no shirts? Don’t you feel cold? Phu Thap Buek is not cold, right?”

The naked passenger replied…

“Bro, do you know where the resort is? I came here with friends. We agreed to stay for two nights, but they have all gone. They left me here. I don’t have any clothes to wear.”

The video recorder asked again…

“Don’t you feel cold? Do you have a mobile phone?”

The naked man said he did not have a phone or clothes. He added that he did not feel the cold even though the temperature had dropped to about 17 degrees Celsius.

The video recorder gave the tourists directions to the resort at the end of the video and they went on their way.

The man who recorded the conversation may have been a friend of the two men on the motorcycle and posted it on social media for fun.

Some netizens found the video amusing while others condemned the action, claiming it harmed the reputation of Phu Thap Buek.

Netizens said…

“Let’s send this video to the police.”

“Do you think that you are cool?”

“I feel sorry for other tourists who have to face this kind of teenager.”

“How about tourists who travel with their families and children? Why do they have to meet this kind of tourist?”

The Phetchabun Provincial Police Commissioner, Tridate Klomkliang, reported that the police had already investigated the video. The identity of the motorcycle rider is known to police but the identity of the naked passenger is still under investigation.

Tridate made known that the naked man will probably escape prosecution for indecent exposure because he did not post the video and sat close to the rider to hide his private parts. He added that the initial charge will be against the two men for riding without safety helmets.

The search for the two tourists and the video recorder continues.

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