Taiwanese drug traffickers arrested in Thailand

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Police caught two Taiwanese men and two Thai men with 15 kilogrammes of ketamine disguised as Chinese tea and fake police uniforms in Chachoaengsao province in eastern Thailand on Wednesday. The drugs were smuggled from Laos and bound for Cambodia.

At 5.30pm, police arrested four men on the roadside of Soi Wat Hua Noen in Lat Khwang subdistrict, Ban Pho district, after searching their vehicle to find ketamine worth 100,000 baht packed inside Chinese green tea bags, reports DailyNews. Inside the car, police also found fake Chinese and Taiwanese police shirts.

If the gang wasn’t intercepted by police and they managed to cross into Cambodia, the drugs would have tripled in street value, police said.

Police arrested 29 year old Huang Kun You from Taiwan, 25 year old Rin Zhe Wel from Taiwan, 22 year old Seksan Promchunthong from Chumphon province, and 27 year old Attaphol Wangseeree from Sa Keao province.

The two Taiwanese men were arrested under suspicion of, “being an alien who entered the kingdom illegally,” as well as, “jointly selling a Category 2 psychotropic substance (ketamine) by possession with intent to distribute illegally and consuming a Category 2 psychotropic substance (ketamine) illegally.”

Police arrested the two young Thai men under suspicion of, “jointly assisting foreigners to enter the kingdom illegally.”

The two Taiwanese suspects confessed that their Chinese friend in Laos prepared the drugs for them. They said they took an illegal boat ride across the Mekong River into Thailand.

Then, the drug traffickers headed toward Ban Phak Kad in the Pong Nam Ron district of Chanthanburi along the Cambodian border when they were intercepted.

Huang Kun You and Rin Zhe Wel told the police that they planned on working for a call centre in Cambodia upon completing the delivery.

Seksan and Attaphol admitted that they were hired to pick up two Taiwanese nationals from the border and transport them to the Cambodian border.

As for the five fake Chinese police officer shirts and five fake Taiwanese police officer shirts, the Taiwanese men said they intended to use them to deceive Chinese and Thai people within the call centre movement in Cambodia.

Both Taiwanese nationals are wanted on Taiwanese arrest warrants for fraud, police added. All four men will be prosecuted according to the law.

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