Suspected cyanide killer’s money trail leads to more potential victims

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The suspected cyanide killer’s money trail has led police to believe that there might be more victims.

A comprehensive investigation into the finances of 36 year old Sararat ‘Am’ Rangsiwuthaporn, led the police to believe that around 20 people might have died, after transferring large sums of money to her in the past two years. Following the suspect’s money trail, investigators are now broadening their probe into the mysterious deaths of 13 individuals connected to Sararat, Bangkok Post reported yesterday. One other person has survived a suspected poisoning attempt.

After reviewing her bank accounts from 2021 to the present, the investigators found that numerous people transferred money to Sararat. Amounts varied from 10,000 to hundreds of thousands of baht. Eighteen to 20 of these individuals were found to have died after the money transfers, with the cause of death now being investigated for five to seven previously unidentified people.

The police have substantial evidence implicating Sararat in the murder charge she already faces. The woman, who happens to be a former wife of a senior police officer, was arrested in Bangkok after a warrant was issued by the Criminal Court. The arrest resulted from a complaint filed after the death of 32 year old Siriporn Khanwong, who had been poisoned by cyanide. The authorities believe that Sararat might have killed Siriporn by mixing cyanide into her food and stealing her valuables.

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The police are also questioning a nurse from Taksin Hospital, who is said to be a close friend of Sararat and a member of the same pyramid scheme. Sararat, who is currently four months pregnant, is being detained at the Central Women’s Correctional Institute.

Various police investigation teams have been dispatched across multiple provinces to search for more evidence in the case. The number of suspected deaths increased to 13 on Friday after the husband of 41 year old Sawittree Budsrirak, who passed away in 2020, revealed that she knew Sararat through money lending and a pyramid scheme, and owed her at least 100,000 baht. Sawittree reportedly died after taking a “diet pill” allegedly sent by Sararat, and an autopsy found a high level of potassium in her bloodstream.

Community volunteer Raphee Chamnarnrue is helping the families of those believed to have died at the hands of the suspect, and he is providing the police with his statement regarding the death of Siriporn. He emphasises the need to double-check reports suggesting that as many as 30 people might have fallen victim to Sararat. He found that many of the cases he received information about were not linked to Sararat after checking them thoroughly.

Meanwhile, forensic investigations have discovered traces of cyanide in two vehicles associated with Sararat. Questions have also been raised about the death of her boyfriend, who died on March 12 this year in Udon Thani.

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