Coordinator of cyanide victims gives police more info on deaths

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A coordinator for the victims of the ‘Thai cyanide serial killer’ case, Ropi Chumnarue, has met with police to provide information about the circumstances surrounding the death of a woman named Koi, who is believed to be connected to the case.

Chumnarue has claimed to have evidence supporting his claims, Sanook reported this morning. This includes CCTV footage of Sararat “Am” Rangsiwuthaporn driving to pick up Koi in a certain village in Nakhon Pathom, and a timeline of events surrounding Am’s contact with Koi’s sister, Som. Furthermore, Chumnarue confirmed that there have been 13 confirmed deaths linked to Am and one survivor.

While there have been rumours of 20 people involved in the case, Chumnarue has only prepared information on two additional individuals in Nakhon Pathom province. He plans to present this information to deputy national police chief, Surachat “Big Joke” Hakparn, next week. At the moment, they are still checking the details and accuracy of the information.

Chumnarue also called on the Ministry of Public Health to investigate the data surrounding the deaths since 2015, as there have been several connections made to Am, particularly regarding cases of heart failure. Additionally, he urged for a thorough inspection of death certificates to determine if they were related to the Am Siya Nid case.

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Chumnarue is not afraid of Am’s lawyer’s threats to sue the media and those providing information, as he believes that the disclosure of the information benefits the public.

Deputy director of suppression, Police Captain Angk Tausupap, revealed the current progress of the case. Today, investigators have invited Chumnarue to provide additional information about the origin and details of the case to assist with further inquiries. Tomorrow, April 30, a medical expert will be questioned to provide more information about individuals who have experienced heart failure.

The investigation into Am’s car pawn business is ongoing following the disappearance of a vehicle belonging to a former spouse. For the other victims, more information is expected to come to light within the next week. However, whether any more arrests will be made is undetermined at this time, as the authorities are still checking the facts.

So far, 18 families of deceased victims have come forward to file complaints. However, only 14 of these can be substantiated by the police’s inquiries. The remaining four are still being investigated to determine if they were indeed victims of foul play. The joint investigation with the Region 7 Provincial Police and Big Joke has been making consistent progress in the case.

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