Suspect reportedly admits he killed Pattaya woman over financial dispute

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In the latest development on the killing of a Pattaya woman named Rattana Thammarak, the prime suspect has reportedly admitted that he killed Rattana over a financial dispute, according to Pattaya Police.

The suspect, 39 year old Watcharaphon Ansongkram, also known as Kik or ‘Kik Kilo 10,’ arrived at Pattaya Police Station yesterday, May 24, at 10am for interrogation on the murder of 32 year old Rattana.

When questioned by reporters for The Pattaya News, Watcharaphon briefly stated that he apologised for the incident before entering the police station.

Police arrested Watcharaphon in the village of Kut Bak, located near the border of the Kalasin province in northeastern Thailand. Police officers discovered him hiding in a small wooden cabin and transported him back to Pattaya, where the crime occurred.

At the police station, Watcharaphon reportedly appeared tense and had cuts and bite marks on his left hand, between the thumb and index finger.

During the initial questioning, according to Pol. Col. Thanapong Phothi, Superintendent of the Pattaya Police Station, the suspect stated that he did not intend to kill the victim, and only acted impulsively.

Watcharaphon reportedly claimed that Rattana owed him 30,000 baht, and her refusal to repay the debt led to his violent outburst, Col. Thanapong disclosed.

Pol. Col. Thanapong further explained that the incident occurred on Tuesday, May 16 when Watcharaphon and Rattana had a heated argument over the aforementioned money. Watcharaphon reportedly tried to collect the money from Rattana, but she resisted and raised her voice. In response, Watcharaphon covered her mouth and choked her, causing the victim to fight back and bite his hand.

During the struggle, the pair accidentally collided with a picture frame in Rattana’s apartment complex, causing it to fall and shatter. Rattana then reportedly grabbed a piece of glass and chased Watcharaphon. Enraged by this, Watcharaphon retaliated by grabbing another piece of glass and repeatedly stabbing the victim in the neck, face, and shoulder until she was motionless. He then fled the scene, Pol. Col. Thanapong said.

Pol. Col. Thanapong said, however, that Watcharaphon is only in the early stages of questioning. and Pattaya Police planned to hold a press conference today (May 25). The suspect is to be intensely interrogated, he said.

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