Heavy rain and thunderstorms threaten 50 provinces, Bangkok braces for downpour

The Thai Meteorological Department warned of thunderstorms and strong winds in 50 provinces, including Bangkok, as weather conditions change due to low-pressure systems. From May 27-30, rainfall is expected to increase, and it could be heavy in some areas. Boats have been advised to exercise caution and avoid areas with thunderstorms.

Today, the weather forecast for the next 24 hours is influenced by the southwesterly winds covering the Andaman Sea, Thailand, and the Gulf of Thailand, along with a low-pressure area covering northern Vietnam and the Tonkin Gulf. These conditions could cause thunderstorms and strong winds in some areas of Thailand, especially in the northern, northeastern, and eastern regions. However, warm weather is expected during the daytime.

Citizens are advised to be cautious of the dangers posed by thunderstorms and strong winds, as well as to take care of their health due to changing weather conditions.

In the Andaman Sea, waves are expected to be 1-2 metres high, while the Gulf of Thailand is expected to have waves of 1-2 metres as well. Those sailing in affected areas should exercise caution, while it is recommended to avoid sailing in areas with thunderstorms.

Between May 27-30, as the southwesterly winds covering the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand intensify, and the low-pressure area along the central coast of Vietnam moves to the Mataban Gulf, more rainfall is expected in Thailand with some areas experiencing heavy showers. Waves in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand are also anticipated to increase in intensity, with the Andaman Sea seeing waves of 2-3 metres and the Gulf of Thailand having waves of more than 2 metres.

In the weather forecast for Thailand from 6am today until 6am tomorrow, it is predicted that the northern, northeastern, central, eastern, and southern parts of the country will experience thunderstorms.

The Bangkok metropolitan area and its surroundings will also face thunderstorms, and strong winds are predicted in some locations. All regions are advised to prepare for the potential impact of the changing weather conditions.

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