Security guard saves resident from knife attack in Bang Phli

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A security guard saved a resident from an attack with only a baton and some courage, unafraid of being outnumbered. Yesterday, June 11, at 8.30pm, police in Bang Phli, Samut Prakan received a report of an assault outside a housing estate in the area. Upon receiving the alert, police and rescue teams from Por Teck Tueng Foundation were dispatched to the scene.

Arriving at the location near the entrance guard booth of the housing estate, they found 23 year old Kitti with a deep cut on his head from a knife. His 15 year old girlfriend had a wound on her right wrist. Rescue personnel provided first aid before transporting both to Bang Phli Hospital.

Nearby, a flattened iron rod with a handle, believed to be the weapon used, was discovered and collected by officers. A pair of shoes, identified as belonging to the assailants, was also found on the road. CCTV footage revealed two motorbikes carrying three individuals, including a young woman and an 11 year old boy.

The footage showed that as the first two motorbikes waited to enter the estate, they were followed by another motorbike with two young men. A confrontation ensued, leading one of the young men to draw a knife and strike Kitti on the head. Kitti’s girlfriend tried to shield him, resulting in a cut on her wrist.

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The 11 year old boy in a blue shirt ran to the guard booth for help. A 24 year old security guard on duty, Panipat Ramphakdee responded by running with his baton to intervene. His actions caused the assailants to flee. Panipat then used his uniform shirt to staunch Kitti’s head wound before calling for emergency help.

From her hospital bed, the young woman recounted the incident. She, her boyfriend, and his younger brother were returning home on motorcycles when they encountered the assailants near a local bank. An initial confrontation occurred after a motorcycle cut them off, leading to insults being exchanged. Despite attempts to avoid further conflict, the assailants followed them and attacked near the estate entrance.

Knife attack

Kitti confirmed he had never met the attackers before and the confrontation started when the other motorcycle cut them off. He did not stop when the assailants demanded, leading to the attack.

Panipat, the security guard, was seen in CCTV footage running to aid the victims with his baton. Reflecting on the incident, he explained that he was performing routine duties when he heard the commotion. Recognising the residents in distress, he took immediate action to ensure their safety. He removed his uniform shirt to press against Kitti’s wound until professional help arrived, reported Sanook.

The police have documented the scene, taken photographs, and are reviewing CCTV footage as part of their ongoing investigation to apprehend the attackers.

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