Former monk in Phetchabun accused of sexual misconduct

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Accusations have surfaced against a former monk from a prominent monastery in Phetchabun Province, alleging sexual misconduct involving a married couple.

The monk reportedly claimed the acts were necessary to extend his life force. This situation has unfolded over nearly two years, shaking the faith of many involved.

A married couple came forward to report to the Sai Mai Must Survive Facebook page, claiming they were deceived into engaging in sexual activities by a monk from a monastery in Phetchabun. The woman, who had been practising meditation at the monastery for a decade, stated that the monk, approximately 40 years old, had begun to exert undue influence over them.

Late in 2022, the monk introduced advanced meditation practices to the woman, instructing her that having sexual relations with him was essential to transcend ego and extend his life force. The monk convinced her that his life force was waning because he had previously transferred his energy to her and her husband. To restore balance, she needed to reciprocate.

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“I believed him because I respected and had great faith in him.”

Subsequently, the monk escalated his demands, insisting that her husband also participate in these activities. The situation evolved into group sex, involving other disciples from the monastery. By last year, the woman began to suspect deceit and attempted to distance herself from the monastery. The monk repeatedly contacted her, urging her to return, but she refused and was eventually removed from their communication group.

Seeking mental health support, the couple consulted a psychiatrist to cope with the confusion and stress caused by these events. With their mental state improving, they sought help from the Sai Mai Must Survive Facebook group, revealing that other women might have been similarly manipulated.

Allegations doubts

Investigations led reporters to the monastery in Lom Sak District, Phetchabun. The location, led by a monk referred to as Phra Ajarn O, was tightly secured with large guard dogs and a warning sign on the gate. The monastery resembled a residential house with a dome used for ceremonies, obscured by trees, making it difficult to observe outside. Fresh tyre tracks suggested recent activity.

A 56 year old resident named Da shared that the community generally did not interact with the monastery, which mainly attracted visitors from other provinces during festivals like Teacher’s Day, Songkran, and New Year’s Day. She mentioned that the monk created sacred items for rent but did not participate in alms rounds or invitations, though he consistently supported local events.

“I don’t believe the allegations at all. He has always been a strict and kind monk.”

Pom, another local and a 65 year old worker at the monastery, echoed this sentiment. Having been there for six years, Pom stated the monastery housed four monks and a few laypeople, including himself. He was responsible for maintaining cleanliness and preparing ceremonial items.

“I don’t observe the ceremonies, I only prepare the items. The monk is kind and helpful.”

Pom recalled a past incident where a woman took sacred items worth over 20 million baht from the monk without returning the money, leading to ongoing legal disputes.

The monastery’s Facebook page recently posted images of the monk in question disrobing at a temple in Lom Sak District, Phetchabun. The post declared the cessation of the monastery’s activities and informed followers that the monk had disrobed to avoid burdening the monastic community and prevent further turmoil, reported KhaoSod.

“This place will now be known as the Baramee Phuttho Raksa Monastery, continuing the teachings of our mentors. Thank you to all the supporters.”

Numerous disciples expressed their sorrow and support for the former monk in the comments, reflecting the deep impact of these revelations on the community.

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