Thai couple tricked into affair and left in 500,000 baht debt

The woman and her lover, the former school director in Nong Khai province. | Photo via Channel 3

A Thai couple in the Isaan province of Nong Khai is seeking justice, accusing a former school director of tricking them into a seedy polygamous relationship which left them with a 500,000 baht debt.

The 58 year old woman, Sarinya Worrarat, turned to the Ban Dung Update, Facebook page for assistance after losing both her home and savings due to a debt of which she had no prior knowledge. She and her husband, Boontee Siyotha, also 58 years old and from Laos, have been living in a temple for a year following the ordeal.

Sarinya recounted that Somsak, an 82 year old former school director and previously her lover, had taken legal action against her for allegedly failing to repay a debt of 500,000 baht. However, she vehemently denied ever borrowing money from him.

According to Sarinya, she and her husband first encountered Somsak in 2021 when he hired them to perform grass-cutting services at his residence. Despite being aware of Sarinya’s marital status, Somsak persisted in his advances towards her, proposing that she become his spouse and suggesting that he could tolerate living alongside her husband.

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Somsak offered her over 400,000 baht in dowry, including 300,000 baht in cash and about 120,000 baht in gold. Sarinya agreed to the relationship even though Somsak had not yet paid her the promised dowry.

They lived together in a polygamous relationship, and Somsak usually asked Sarinya and her husband to go to a hotel for threesomes. Somsak would give them 500 to 1,000 baht each time after sexual activity.

According to Sarinya, Somsak took her to a temple to make merit for her son who had died about seven years ago. Somsak gave her 200,000 baht to make merit and asked her to sign a suspicious document. She could not read. It was a debt agreement.

In 2022, one of Somsak’s children contacted her and asked her to end the relationship with the father. She agreed and decided to distance herself from Somsak before finally ending the relationship.

Then, a court summons for the 500,000 baht debt was sent to her home. Sarinya and her husband had to sell their house for 60,000 baht to pay part of the debt.

Boontee told Channel 7 that he agreed to the relationship because he was poor and thought Somsak would improve their lives. He hoped to get the promised dowry from Somsak but ended up with debt instead.

Boontee said he felt hurt that Somsak betrayed them. He regretted not listening to warnings from locals in the area that Somsak was too stingy. He hopes relevant authorities will help him and his wife get out of the debt that they did not incur.

Thai couple tricked into affair and left in 500,000 baht debt | News by Thaiger
Thai woman and her Laotian husband. | Photo via Channel 8

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