Russian tourist attacked by foreigners, not bouncers, in Pattaya bar brawl

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In Pattaya, recent developments show a different story about an altercation involving a Russian tourist at a Walking Street go-go bar. Instead of being attacked by the bar’s security personnel, it was discovered that two foreign men initiated the fight, while the venue’s bouncers attempted to control the situation.

A CCTV recording from the go-go bar revealed that an unidentified foreign man wearing a black shirt initially punched the Russian victim, 33 year old Oleg Rusovsiannikov, instigating a retaliatory strike from his friend and sparking the entire brawl.

The conflict began after the victim’s group refused to pay their 1,975-baht bill. As the security guards and staff were discussing the billing issue with the victim, another group of foreigners intervened for unknown reasons and attacked Oleg. The CCTV footage shows Oleg shielding his face with his hands, unable to identify his attackers immediately, according to Pattaya police.

Witnessing the fight unfold, the venue’s bouncers stepped in to prevent further escalation. However, another unidentified foreign man wearing a patterned shirt suddenly joined the fray, kicking the injured victim while some guards attempted to restrain him. The ruckus continued, and the victim eventually collapsed onto the ground. The man in the patterned shirt persisted in kicking him, forcing the guards to remove the injured Russian from the venue to help him escape the skirmish.

The doors of the venue were then shut to end the chaotic dispute, The Pattaya News reported. Following the incident, the bouncers and venue operators were called to the Pattaya Police Station to provide their statements. They claimed that the victim and his friend entered the venue, and ordered drinks but declined to pay their bill for unknown reasons.

This sparked the altercation involving other foreign patrons inside the go-go bar in Pattaya, contrary to initial reports suggesting that the bouncers started the fight. In reality, they were trying to intervene and stop the violence.

Pattaya police are preparing to summon the two unidentified foreigners involved in the incident for further investigation, to establish fairness for both parties. However, no formal charges have been filed against anyone at this time.

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