Robbery fail: Gold shop robber in Thailand injured by cop’s bullet

PHOTO: Maungprakarn V.2.

A gold shop robber in central Thailand failed at his goal of running away with several gold items after a cop shot him. The robber ended up seriously injured from the gunshot wound. The incident occurred in the Samut Chedi district of Thailand’s Samut Prakan province yesterday.

A male suspect on a motorbike entered a gold shop near a market in Baan Klong Suan. The suspect then grabbed several gold items at gunpoint. The shop’s glass door was automatically locked after the suspect entered, so he shot at the door to break the glass and escape.

The suspect rushed to his motorbike. However, Sakha Patrol Police were nearby, and they had heard the sound of the shattering glass. Officers rushed to the scene, and the suspect fired several shots at them as they approached.

The police shot back and one of the bullets struck the suspect in the back of the head, causing him to collapse.

The officers took the suspect into custody and transported him to a local hospital. As of press time, the suspect’s identity and motive remained unclear, The Pattaya News reported.

Gold shop robberies make headlines in Thailand now and then.

Last month, cops caught a transwoman changing her hair colour at a salon after she robbed a Pattaya gold shop. The suspect stole two gold chains weighing 2 baht each from the Phet Thong Wanida jewellery store located in Pattaya’s Soi Nern Plub Wan.

Also last month, a man stole necklaces from a gold shop in Samut Prakan’s Bang Sao Thong district with an estimated value of around 230,000 baht.

Assuming the role of a buyer, the man requested to examine three gold necklaces, each weighing 2 baht, and one weighing 50 satangs. The man proceeded to put one necklace around his neck before asking the attendant for a mirror. As the attendant turned to retrieve the mirror, the opportunistic thief seized the three other necklaces from the tray and made a hasty exit from the shop, all four necklaces in hand.

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