Daring heist as Thai man steals four necklaces from gold shop

A forensic officer collects prints from the counter at the gold shop in Bang Sao Thong district of Samut Prakan. Picture courtesy of Sutthiwit Chayutworakan.

Local police reported that a man, posing as a customer, entered a gold shop located in a department store in the Bang Sao Thong district. The man showed interest in multiple necklaces before stealing four of them in a daring heist.

The stolen necklaces have an estimated value of around 230,000 baht. Security camera footage revealed a man aged between 20 and 25, dressed in a black-green sports shirt and wearing a black face mask, walking into the gold shop at approximately 1pm on Monday.

Assuming the role of a buyer, the man requested to examine three gold necklaces, each weighing 2 baht, and one weighing 50 satangs. The shop attendant obliged, placing the four necklaces on a tray for the supposed customer to take a closer look. The man proceeded to put one necklace around his neck before asking the attendant for a mirror, Bangkok Post reported.

As the attendant turned to retrieve the mirror, the opportunistic thief seized the three other necklaces from the tray and made a hasty exit from the shop, all four necklaces in hand. The suspect then fled the scene on a Honda Wave motorcycle with no licence plate, speeding along Thepharak Road.

Local police are continuing their search for the cunning gold snatcher.

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