Nok scandal unveils dark secrets: Investigation into accused official’s wealth surfaces

Praveen Chanklai, known locally as Nok, Image via Thai Enquirer, Facebook

In the wake of the ongoing scandal unfolding involving a high-ranking local official allegedly organizing the murder of a police officer, investigators are now looking into the wealth amassed by the accused, 35 year old Praween Chanklai, also known as Nok.

This incident has led the police to widen their investigation to include an examination of Nok’s significant wealth and assets. The investigation, led by Deputy Police Chief Police General Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, is focusing on whether Nok misused his connections to secure state projects and amass his two construction businesses, valued at 2.6 billion baht.

The house of Nok, situated in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region province of Nakhon Pathom’s Mueang district, was the scene of a shooting on Wednesday night. CCTV footage capturing the gunfire was just uncovered.

The investigation’s progress was boosted by the recovery of data from two CCTV camera servers that had been discarded in a canal by Thitinan Intonwong, a now-dismissed official from Ratchaburi Central Prison.

Despite the presence of over 20 police officers at the event, no one was able to apprehend the perpetrator, Thananchai Manmak, who was later shot by the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) Police as he attempted to flee. Among the 25 officers present at the scene, six have been arrested, detained, and subsequently dismissed from their duties for assisting Nok and his gunman in his escape.

The six detained officers are 58 year old Prasarn Rodpol, 58 year old Narongsak Taeng-ampai, 59 year old Natthapol Nakkorn, and 55 year old Sansern Srisawat. All four of those officers hail from Highway Police Station 1. The remaining two are 52 year old Kiatisak Somsuk, an investigator at Krathum Baen police station in Samut Sakhon, and 57 year old Nimit Salidkul, a traffic police officer in Nakhon Pathom.

The incident that triggered this investigation was a dinner party hosted by Praween last Wednesday. The party was attended by 25 police officers, including Siwakorn Saibua, an officer at Highway Police Station 1. A disagreement between Siwakorn and Nok turned deadly when Nok shot and killed Siwakorn.

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