Corruption crisis: Gunshots echo in ongoing scandal surrounding local sub-district headman Nok

A still image from the new evidence in the Nok case. Photo taken from video clip from Khaosod

In the ongoing story of corruption and murder, new surveillance footage has surfaced, rendering audible the sound of four consecutive gunshots emerging from the residence of Praween Chanklai, also known as Nok, a local sub-district headman, reported Khaosod.

Nok yesterday he surrendered himself to the local law enforcement authorities following the murder of a highway patrol officer. Nok is under suspicion for allegedly orchestrating the murder of the highway policeman.

This shocking incident, which led to the death of police captain Siwakorn Sai Bua at a party held in Nok’s residence in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region province of Nakhon Pathom province, has sent shockwaves through the police force.

Despite the presence of over 20 police officers at the event, no one was able to apprehend the perpetrator, 45 year old Thananchai Manmak, until a warrant was issued. In the wake of the incident, an internal investigation was launched involving 25 police officers.

The gunman Thanachai later ended up being chased down and shot dead by Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) Police as he attempted to elude capture by fleeing to Kanchanaburi.

The investigation into how someone could murder a person in a house full of people officers and not be caught led to the issuance of arrest warrants for six police officers and their subsequent suspension from service. The members included the Provincial Police Region 7 and the Nakhon Pathom Police Station’s superintendent and station chief, who were transferred to the Royal Thai Police Office.

In the latest developments today in the case, news reports indicated that besides sending the retrieved closed-circuit server for verification, officers have also dispersed forces to gather additional evidence around Nok’s residence.

This follows the acquisition of surveillance footage from a house neighbouring Nok’s residence, which recorded both the visuals and sound of the gunfire. The footage reveals the sound of rapid gunfire, four consecutive shots, originating from Nok’s house. Following the gunfire, headlights of vehicles were seen leaving the premises of Nok’s residence.

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