Brew-haha: Lazada and Shopee ban Lung Jun Coffee beans over explicit content

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Two leading Asian e-commerce platforms, Lazada and Shopee, have banned Lung Jun Coffee after discovering the brand sold coffee beans with explicit pictures and advertisements referring to a man and woman’s private parts.

ThaiRath reported that concerned locals, upon encountering Lung Jun’s coffee beans on an e-commerce platform and noticing social media posts drawing attention to the explicit brand’s content, contacted the platform. They urged the media to bring the matter to public awareness.

Photographs shared on social media reveal that Lung Jun Coffee bean packages made explicit references to both male and female private organs. Some examples included coffee beans claiming to have a scent reminiscent of a woman’s genitals, coffee beans with the aroma of a man’s meat and two veg, and coffee beans with the smell of a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

The brand also used inappropriate wording on its packages. One package came in a pink colour and a word stating, “pussy.” Another package features a cartoonish man sitting without any underpants and a word which states “jock itch,” which is a fungal disease.

The brand also offers beans smelling like alcohol and beans with the taste of Dhamma which offended some Thai consumers.

Additionally, the packaging fails to provide consumers with essential information such as the production location, details about the manufacturing company, and a registration number from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as mandated by regulatory authorities. The FDA is currently in the process of preparing for an inspection at the facility responsible for producing these coffee beans.

The Ministry of Culture’s Cultural Surveillance Office collaborated with the two e-commerce platforms where residents initially discovered the products. They have strongly encouraged these platforms to cease the sale of the coffee. Consequently, the coffee products have been suspended from sale on both platforms, with all listings removed.

Despite the brand receiving a substantial amount of negative feedback, it continues to gain attention among Thai TikTokers and Internet users who are sharing reviews of the coffee beans. Many of these reviewers have noted that the beans have a fragrance that is different from what the brand had advertised on its packaging.

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Coffee bean brand banned for explicit contents
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