Police find drugs scattered at Bangkok restaurant New Year’s Party

PHOTO: Drugs found at a Bangkok restaurant party on New Year's Eve. (via Thai Ch8)

A New Year’s Eve party at a Bangkok restaurant ended with a bang last night as police raided the establishment and arrested 40 people for charges related to illegal drugs. Police officers arrived at the venue on Soi Ratchadanivet in Huai Khwang in the early hours of New Year’s Day and found drugs scattered around the place with attendees testing positive for illicit drugs.

23 men and 17 women were found within the restaurant when Huai Khwang Police arrived at the scene of the party, though it was not revealed if they were Thai or foreigners. Alcohol consumption was present as would be expected for a New Year’s celebration, but after giving all 40 of the attendees urine tests, 27 of them were found to have illegal drugs in their systems.

As police searched the venue, they found drugs dropped on the floor and collected 5 grammes of ketamine and 8 ecstasy pills. When they interrogated the people in the restaurant, asking who the drugs belonged to, they were unsurprisingly met with bewilderment, with staff and guests professing to have no idea whose drugs were found.

The person in charge of the restaurant that night was taken into custody and faces charges related to the illegal drugs found there as well as operating an entertainment style venue and not enforcing social distancing and other Covid-19 safety precautions in violation of current pandemic protocols. All 40 of the people found at the restaurant party were also taken into custody at the Huai Khwang Police Station.

The restaurant was not named and has not been confirmed as a real restaurant or one of many bars and nightlife menus that were slapdashedly converted to “restaurants” in order to open under Covid-19 restrictions. Police said they will investigate the details of the drugs on the premises before making the name of the business public.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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