Phuket taxi drivers call for authorities to get tough on illegal drivers

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Phuket taxi drivers are calling for authorities to get tough on illegal drivers. On Thursday, over 100 drivers protested about the issue at Phuket City Hall.

The president of the Patong Taxi Operators Association, Thinnakorn Chommueang, said that local, legal taxi drivers on the island province were suffering, especially those operating through apps. He said…

“Therefore would like to demand that the provincial governor issue a provincial order to government agencies to deal with illegal ‘black taxis,’ distinguishing cars that are allowed to operate through the application is proper.”

Thinnakorn added that taxis legally operating through apps should be easily identifiable in the way that vehicles with green-coloured license plates are, The Phuket News reported.

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Thinnakorn stressed that drivers who are currently in the process of being legally registered should not be allowed to operate until the process is complete.

He called for harsher fines and punishments on drivers who violated the orders.

Lastly, Thinnakorn urged an immediate provincial order to suspend processing applications to have any new taxis legally registered, including in other provinces where the car is already legally registered as a taxi. Thinnakorn said…

“This impacts business operators who want to do the right thing. Therefore, we are calling for a ban on the registration of vehicles from other provinces. But if permission is granted, it must be granted to people who come to apply for Phuket’s green license registration.”

Phuket Land Transport Office (PLTO) Chief Adcha Buachan invited people to report illegal taxis operating in their area by calling the taxi complaint hotline 1584, contacting the PLTO through its LINE account @704jhnxb, through the PLTO Facebook page, or by the Traffy Fondue application.

Phuket Vice Governor Anupap issued a formal notice ordering all government agencies to take action against illegal taxi drivers in Phuket. The notice about the order made it clear that operating a private car as a taxi is illegal, and Phuket Provincial Police and the PLTO would “consider” revoking the licenses and vehicle registrations of repeat offenders.

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