Pattaya ping pong bomb hooligans injure 2 women

Two women injured by ping pong bombers, screen grab from footage by Top News.

A group of teenage hooligans in Pattaya threw ping pong bombs at two women in the early hours of this morning, leaving them with injuries.

The victims, 30 year old Nantawan Kosakun and 20 year old Saowalak Kanpratuyod, were riding their motorcycles home on Sukhumvit Road in North Pattaya. At around 1am, a group of approximately 10 teenagers on five motorcycles approached them and hurled a ping pong bomb at them for no apparent reason. The explosion caused slight injuries to the women’s feet.

The suspects fled the scene, but they weren’t yet finished wreaking havoc on the victims. The suspects soon returned and brandished a gun. An unidentified woman in the group threatened to shoot the victims, but luckily no shots were fired. The suspects fled again before the police showed up, The Pattaya News reported.

Pattaya Police are continuing to investigate, and are working on identifying the suspects. The victims claim they did not know who the suspects were, and that they didn’t have problems with anyone.

This news comes after another incident involving teenage thugs throwing explosives in Pattaya occurred less than a week ago.

On March 18, a group of thugs severely burned two people by throwing a Molotov cocktail at them. The attack occurred in front of a convenience store at the entrance of Soi Phothisan on Sukhumvit Road in the Na Klua sub-district of Bang Lamung district. Police and rescuers arrived on the scene to find the two victims crying for help, with severe burns on their legs and chests. The victims were a 22 year old man named Thanakorn Pangsen, and a 22 year old woman named Worakan Phetkhui. Medics provided first aid before taking them to Pattaya City Hospital.

Last month, yet another crowd of Pattaya teens terrified tourists and residents by throwing ping pong bombs at Bali Hai Pier.

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Tara Abhasakun

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