Newborn baby’s charred body found in rubbish pile near resort in Thailand

The area where the baby's body was found, photo by Khaosod.

In a horrific discovery, the charred body of a newborn baby girl was found discarded in a rubbish pile near a resort in Thailand‘s northeast Nakhon Ratchasima province. The incident, which took place yesterday, was reported to the Pho Klang Police Station, leading authorities and rescue teams to investigate the disturbing scene.

The body was discovered in an empty lot across from a resort in the Pho Klang district. Wrapped in a cloth, the baby’s burnt corpse was found among the rubbish, leading authorities to believe it was brought from another location. The body was sent for an autopsy at Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital.

Sukanya, a 41 year old resort housekeeper who found the baby’s remains, explained that the area was usually used for the resort’s rubbish disposal and was generally undisturbed. Upon bringing garbage to the site, she noticed something resembling a body. Initially assuming it to be a dead dog or a doll, she used a stick to check and discovered a spine and legs protruding from the cloth. Upon further inspection, she found the complete, intact body of the newborn baby. The housekeeper also reported finding remnants of afterbirth nearby, suggesting that an animal may have dragged it to the location.

Sukanya wasted no time in informing the resort manager who then contacted the police. She had no information regarding the baby’s origin and stated that she had not seen any heavily pregnant women in the vicinity.

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Somphop, a 47 year old night shift employee at the resort, mentioned that on May 17, a black four-door pickup truck had entered the area and stopped in front of the resort, near the exit leading to the rubbish disposal site. The vehicle then left after a short while. The police are now investigating this aspect of the case, as the vehicle might have played a part in this shocking incident.

This alarming discovery has sparked an investigation to identify and apprehend those involved in the cruel treatment and abandonment of the newborn baby.

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