Man gets scammed by two escorts in one night in NE Thailand

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A man who would rather not be named says he was deceived by not one, but two prostitutes last night in Loei province in northeast Thailand. The man filed a complaint against the women at Mueang Leoi Police Station this morning but, to no one’s surprise, the police couldn’t help him.

The 24 year old man from Mueang district – let’s call him Wan – filed a complaint at Mueang Leoi Police Station at 11.30am today after getting scammed out of 1,200 baht last night.

Wan told police that he went out drinking with his friend at a restaurant in Loei city and got “a little bit drunk.” Then, his friend suggested the idea of inviting prostitutes to join them.

In a “secret” online group, Wan said he found an escort that he liked the look of and invited her out to the restaurant. The prostitute said the night would cost him a total of 1,200 baht and he needed to transfer her a “deposit” of 500 baht before she joined the men. As soon as Wan sent her the money, she blocked him.

Wan, eager not to give up on his hopes of finding a woman to spend the night with, started a conversation with another escort in the “secret” online group. The second escort also said she would charge him 1,200 baht for the night, but needed him to transfer her a deposit of 700 baht. As soon as Wan sent the money, he got blocked, again.

When Wan woke up in the morning, displeased with how his night turned out, he marched down to the police station to file a complaint against the two women. Seeing as prostitution is illegal in Thailand, the police have much sympathy. However, they did file his complaint and save evidence of his conversations and transactions with the deceitful women.

Wan told his story to the media because he said he wants to warn other men against falling victim to the escort scam.

SOURCE: Sanook

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