Video: Asiana Airlines emergency door opens mid-flight, passengers safe

The authorities arrested a 30 year old passenger on an Asiana Airlines flight for opening an emergency exit while the plane was in flight. The incident compelled the plane to make a safe landing, and all 194 passengers and crew members managed to escape unharmed. However, six passengers, who experienced difficulty breathing, were promptly taken to the hospital.

The emergency landing occurred today on Asiana Airlines flight OZ8124, which took off from Jeju Island in the morning. The plane’s emergency door opened as the flight neared its end, around 12:45pm local time. Passengers shared video clips on social media showing the aircraft’s door open mid-flight.

According to reports from the local media, quite a few children of school-going age travelled to a sporting event over the weekend. According to the parent of one of the students, “The children were shaking, crying, and clearly frightened.” As stated by officials with Asiana Airlines, who spoke with Reuters about the matter, the authorities “are investigating the incident after a passenger sitting near the emergency exit said he touched the lever.”

The aircraft made a successful landing at the Daegu International Airport, but the door opened during the flight. The reasons why the man acted the way he did is still being investigated.

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