Thailand’s cannabis cottage industry set to fly high

Yesterday, Thailand’s Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul once again defended his decision to decriminalize cannabis. Calls to reverse or suspend the legislation, by physicians, doctors, universities, and religious groups, fell on deaf ears and hundreds of new cannabis-related businesses in the kingdom breathed a sigh of relief.

The decriminalization of the drug on June 6 has led to something of a cottage industry by wannabee entrepreneurs and opened doors to several new Thai businesses and products, such as cannabis-infused toothpaste, tea, soaps, and food.

Insomnia suffers like 32 year old Pakpoom Charoenbunna, who buys cannabis-infused drinks from his regular milk-tea vendor, can now get a good night’s sleep thanks to the drug.

“It gives me a deep and comfortable sleep.”

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Cannabis tea isn’t the only innovative product.

The owner of the Channherb cannabis shop, Surawut Samphant, has created a toothpaste.

“One of its ingredients is cannabis sativa seed oil, which contains CBD (cannabidiol).”

Surawut revealed that toothpaste helps with gum disease. Nikom Rianthong is one happy customer who said he won’t be going back to his old fluoride formula.

“I have receding gums and sometimes they get infected. I’ve been using the toothpaste for two months. It solved my problems.”

Another entrepreneur, Kreephet Hanpongpipat, who has a cake shop, has incorporated cannabis into his desserts adding it’s helping his customers get a good night’s sleep.

The Thai health minister wants Thailand to get rich off the drug, stating the cannabis industry could be worth more than US$3 billion within five years.

“I want to see people getting rich out of doing these products in a positive way. My policy on cannabis is only focusing on medical purposes and healthcare. That’s all. We can’t encourage the use of cannabis in other ways.”

Of course, there have been a number of cases where people have subverted the use of cannabis but Anutin reported those bending or breaking the drug laws will be punished.

The Health Minister revealed a cannabis bill is being deliberated in Parliament and the use of cannabis will be more defined soon.

SOURCE: Channel News Asia

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