5 great ways retirees in Thailand spend their free time

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If you’re a retired expat settling down in Thailand, we bet you are keen to find your golden years with more than just basking in the sun (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course). When the days feel a bit long, and you find yourself browsing ‘things to do when retired and bored’ on your search engine, it’s a clear sign that you need to shake things up a bit. But don’t worry. Thailand has a wealth of entertainment and activities that are perfect for retirees.

Here are some of the most exciting ways to make your retirement in Thailand feel vibrant and thrilling.

1. Try Muay Thai

5 great ways retirees in Thailand spend their free time | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Muay Thai by nongsurachai via Freepik

Do you ever feel like breaking out of the typical retiree mould? Well, why not punch it out by trying Muay Thai?

Now, you might be scratching your head here thinking, “Aren’t I a bit old for martial arts?” Not at all! Surprisingly, Muay Thai is gaining a strong following among the young at heart. It’s true – age is just a number when it comes to this unique Thai sport. Don’t be surprised to see plucky souls in their 40s, 50s, or even 60s gracefully mastering the ‘art of eight limbs’. Sessions for seniors usually focus on health and fitness – think low-impact routines to help enhance agility and flexibility, and are, most importantly, easy on the joints.

When starting, remember slow and steady wins the race. After your first taste of Muay Thai, you might be buzzing to get back to the training mat. While your enthusiasm is fabulous, it’s important to be kind to your body. It’s also essential to tune into your body. If you’ve got aches in places you forgot existed, it’s probably a good idea to give the punches a pause. Let your muscles recover, and you’ll be back with a vengeance in no time.

So, brush off any worries and head over to local gyms or Muay Thai camps in Thailand. They usually offer classes for all ages and levels. Who knows, you might even get into the best shape of your life!

2. Practice golf

PHOTO: Golf by wirestock via Freepik - activities for retirees in Thailand
PHOTO: Golf by wirestock via Freepik

Perhaps you’re a fan of golf? Thailand is a golfer’s dream, boasting numerous lovely courses. With the diverse landscapes providing backdrops varying from sky-touching mountains to serene beachfront, a game of golf becomes a refreshing treat in Thailand. Plus, you’ll find the atmosphere agreeably less formal than the clubhouses back home. Here, the mood is relaxed, the smiles are genuine, and the welcome is warm.

Indulging in regular games of golf is not just an excuse to soak up the Thai sun. The focus and precision needed for each swing give your concentration a good workout. An 18-hole stroll is excellent for your physical well-being. And maybe, just maybe, a few rounds on these beautiful courses will give you that edge the next time you face off against your golf buddies back home.

Now, you might ask, “Where can I find these spectacular golf courses?” Well, you’ll find golf courses scattered across the country. Alpine Golf & Sports Club in Pathum Thani, Black Mountain in Hua Hin, and Red Mountain Golf Club in Phuket are some of the best. These golf courses promise rounds packed with challenge, beauty, and fun.

Don’t want to deal with tropical heat? No worries. Thailand is teeming with indoor golf venues. Therefore, you can enjoy your favourite pastime without breaking a sweat.

3. Learn the Thai language

PHOTO: Freepik - activities for retirees in Thailand
PHOTO: Freepik

While golf might help you explore the natural beauty of the country, why not push the boat out a little and try learning Thai? Language classes could be a fun pastime and might even result in a surprised look or two when you effortlessly place your order at local food stalls. Thai language classes for adults are a great way to breach the language barrier and make deeper connections with the locals. It’ll make it easier to make new friends, too!

There are stacks of Thai language schools around the country (obviously). They all offer a little something different, so you can choose one you like. Plus, if you prefer to learn from the comfort of your living room, many schools offer online options. Some of the most popular Thai language schools in Bangkok are ALA Language School, Duke Language School, and Baan Aksorn Thai Language School.

Aside from attending formal language classes, retirees in Thailand can always find a local mate who’d be happy to chat with them and help them learn the language. So, why not give it a go and add a bit more ‘fun and friends to your Thailand adventure?

4. Join craft classes and workshops

PHOTO: Thai weaving by wirestock via Freepik
PHOTO: Thai weaving by wirestock via Freepik

Why not spice up your Thai retirement with a dash of creativity and culture by joining a craft class or two? These workshops aren’t just for fun – each class encapsulates a slice of Thai tradition and offers an enriching experience.

Feel the rhythm of the country with classical Thai dance classes. You’ll get more than just your groove on here. You’ll be embodying centuries of storytelling and rhythm passed down from generation to generation. Another option is joining a Thai fruit and vegetable carving class, which can satisfy your creative pangs as well. Think of it as a chef meets sculptor moment, where you’ll bring art to life with a pumpkin or watermelon – talk about edible art!

Pottery classes allow you to immerse in the raw essence of Thai craftsmanship. Feel the cool clay mould underneath your hands as your thoughts shape it into beautiful pottery artefacts – a meditative and fulfilling experience. Or twine your way into the mesmerising world of Thai silk weaving. Create patterns that dance with colours and threads. It’s not just weaving fabric. It’s weaving stories of Thai heritage.

So rather than imagining what Thai culture is like, why not craft it in real-time and learn how Thailand’s traditional practices have moulded its unique cultural landscape.

5. Venture into volunteer work

5 great ways retirees in Thailand spend their free time | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Volunteer to teach English in Thailand by Freepik

Your journey of life has been filled with all sorts of skills and experiences that could be put to good use by countless organisations across Thailand. You never know, your knack for bookkeeping could bring sunshine to a small community project. Or perhaps, those storytelling skills you developed as a grandparent could brighten the day of children at a local school.

Venturing into volunteering isn’t just about filling your free time. It’s about opening new doors, fostering real connections with locals, and engraving your own positive mark on the Thai community. It’s about experiencing the power of giving first-hand, the power that can illuminate lives, including yours.

As a bonus, volunteering offers you a treasure chest of heartwarming stories that would bring a sparkle to your grandkids’ eyes during your next family video call. Imagine sharing tales of your days teaching English to eager students or recounting anecdotes from your life-changing experiences in local shelters!

And that’s the end of the fun activities that show why Thailand is rated as one of the top retirement destinations around the world. Remember, retirement doesn’t mean slowing down, especially not in such a vibrant country like Thailand!

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